St Augustine’s week 2013 promises more visitors to Pugin’s church of St Augustine in Ramsgate

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Friends of St Augustine’s in Ramsgate are expecting a record number of visitors to their church for this year’s St Augustine’s week, now in its third year.  This year’s programme includes music, a play, readings, lectures and tours and will commence this Saturday, 18th May and conclude on the feast day of St Augustine of England, Monday 27th May.  The church, where its famous architect Augustus Welby Northmore Pugin is buried, will be open every day during the week from 10am until 4pm.

Chairman of Friends of St Augustine’s and custodian of the church, Fr. Marcus Holden, is optimistic about the numbers of people planning to come to Ramsgate for St Augustine’s week.  “I am delighted by the response so far.  We have had many more people contacting us to say they will visit and take part in events we have planned for this year’s St Augustine’s week.”

Apart from the many pilgrims who will travel to Ramsgate during the course of the week, St Augustines are expecting a significant increase in the number of local and cultural visitors who want to learn more about the church, St Augustine’s landing in 597AD and its significance, and to find out more about the church’s famous architect, Pugin.  Fr. Marcus Holden went on to say “St Augustine’s is also a place of learning as well as being a church.  Visitors will be able to find out more about its history and significance, but many will visit because it is such a magnificent church to come into and to be able to enjoy its fine features and atmosphere.

He added “St Augustine’s week will help to attract visitors from far and wide to Ramsgate, but we hope it will also attract local families and people of all age groups to look in and see this part of Ramsgate’s heritage for themselves.”

A full programme for the week is available on the Friends of St Augustine’s website

Or is available from the local tourist offices, St Augustine’s church in St Augustine’s Road, Ramsgate or from St Ethelbert’s church in Hereson Road, Ramsgate.

Admission to the church is free.

The programme for St Augustine’s week is attached.

(If you would like to support St Augustine’s church, please write to Fr Marcus Holden, Chairman of Friends of St Augustine 72 Hereson Road, Ramsgate, Kent, CT11 7DS or email  You can also visit the website: )

Augustus Welby Nortmore Pugin had his own church of St Augustine built next to his home, the Grange. He and his family are buried in the Church.  Pugin designed many churches across the Country and abroad.  He is most famously known for his designs for the Palace of Westminster and one of the most iconic buildings in the world, the famous clock tower commonly known as Big Ben.

The restoration campaign to save and restore Pugin’s church started in 2011 with the setting up of Friends of St Augustine’s.  Last year we celebrated the 200th anniversary of Pugin’s birth.  This year, Friends of St Augustine’s is celebrating Pugin’s contribution to education, skills and learning

For further information or comment please contact Fr. Marcus Holden on 07738 153081

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